Minha bonita, meus bonitos

My beautiful -----

You ask me nothing and you follow my steps
Wherever I am, here you are too
You take care of me with your look
Of tenderness and pure love
Even when you are sleeping, you take care of me
Opening your little eyes once a while
Just to know if I am here and I will not go away from you.

You never ask me anything and you follow me
I thank you a thousand times, every moment
If I cry, you lick my tears with love
And it has a salty taste, right?
If I smile you also show you little teeth
And turns around you tail, so happy...

How many times you gave me heat
When I was cold in winter nights
In a pure friendship...
And when you get my newspaper every morning
I never get tired to say Thank you, Jesus
Who gave me this wonderful girl
My beautiful who cheers me up
To love other beautiful people in my life…with no paws..